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Bail Bonds Center City MN – The Chisago County Jail is located at 111 North Main Street, Center City, MN 55012. Chisago County is located between Washington County and Pine County. Stew’s Bail Bonds has a 24 hour local bail bondsman that can provide release services for your friend or family member faster than any other bail bond service in any county in Minnesota! Having a professional licensed bail bond agent in Center City means that we can get to you first! Stew’s Bail Bonds is proud to be the fastest, but did you know that we are also the easiest to work with for MN Bail? Yep! Easy Bail Bond payment plans, No credit checks for bonds in Chisago County, and FREE Warrant Checks for any Bail Bond situation in the State of Minnesota! Call us 24 hours Minnesota Statewide for Bail at 651-224-5247, or call your Chisago County Bail Bond Agent directly at 651-705-8751.

By calling Stew’s Bail Bonds after an arrest, and before trial, we can make sure you’re on the street, and in the courtroom looking your best! Don’t be in a Chisago County Adult Detention Center or Sheriff’s Office jumpsuit going to court! Get out of jail FAST by calling Stew’s Bail Bonds in Center City 24 hours at 651-705-8751, or Any County in Minnesota for any crime at any time 651-224-5247!